Tube and Pipe Scarf Disposal

Removing, and disposing of tube scarf is a tricky and dangerous business. I.D. and O.D. tube scarf is a very hard material, with very sharp, jagged edges. Tube scarf is softer when it is hot, (can you say brand and cut) but is still a hazardous risk for the mill operator to contend with. The "scarf balls" are heavy, hot, and sharp! Sweed Choppers handle the grueling job of tube scarf processing. Quit your "winding" and get a Sweed scrap chopper!

An OD scarf chopper


To play a video clip of an OD scarf chopper in operation, select one of the links below.

Sweed TS450 short video clip  MPG  file size - 475 KB

Sweed TS450 long video clip  WMV  file size - 4 MB

Welded Tube Pros is an authorized distributor of Sweed Recycling Systems. We are pleased to offer Sweed ID and OD scarf chopping and handling systems to the welded tube industry. For more Sweed products, visit Recycle Consultants - a Division of Welded Tube Pros.


Select a link below to download information sheets on tube I.D. & O.D. scarf solutions. These are Adobe PDF files. For a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click below:


I.D. scarf Processing    O.D. Scarf Processing



Typical "scarf ball" and mill operator "losing his shirt" to the scarf.

Scarf that has been processed through a Sweed chopper. 

The pieces are about 2.5" long.