Lap Laser Videos


Click on a picture above to see a video of Lap Lasers in action.

Detail photo of the sample metal band showing the end weld and paper label.


The two units displayed here track material thickness and speed and distance.

The video on the left shows the computer read out generated by the LAP thickness meter. In the mock up, a metal band that is held together by an overlap end weld, runs in a loop. The metal band also has a piece of paper label stuck to it. The long picture above shows this arrangement. Paper label on the left, end weld to the right. As the metal loop passes the LAP thickness meter, the device measures the material thickness. The first spike on the video is the end weld. The second plateau that appears is the paper label. In the still photo above, the laser beam is visible on the strip near the paper label edge. This is not the sensor beam, it is only the targeting beam. The real beam is small enough that it would be hard to see.

The middle video shows the strip as it passes between the laser units. The paper label is visible twice in this video clip.

The video on the right shows the readout of the length and speed detector. This detector shoots a laser beam at the moving metal band and calculates how fast the strip is moving. On this mock up, the strip has a small hole in it that resets the length counter. The counter goes up to about 1880 in this case and then restarts at zero.

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